Landscape HR

Murter, an island surrounded by hundreds of other islands.

This refers to the Kornati archipelago with, depending on the source, 125 to 150 islands and reefs. Some of them are included in the Kornati National Park, which with its protective measures contributes significantly to the richness of species far beyond its borders.

For a long time the islands have been known as a sailor’s paradise. Only recently it was discovered that the underwater landscape is at least as impressive as the archipelago above the sea. Around Murter you will find cities with historical centers like Zadar and Sibenik and the Krka National Park with its waterfalls.

What awaits you is the full Mediterranean flair: romantic bays, the rustle of pine trees, a nice fish dinner in the harbor, watching a kitschy sunset and perfect dives.

If you think that there are no colors in the Mediterranean, you will be surprised.  Najada diving takes you daily to more than 30 dive sites in and around Kornati National Park, where the walls are covered with red fan corals and colorful sponges . Sometimes dolphins join you on the way to the dive sites.