At the moment the borders are closed until the 20.4.2020, then we will get new information. Everyday life is minimized, as meanwhile all over the world. Croatia is hopeful and believes in a late season start, as tourism is very important for the country.
Najada is ready to start at any time when things get a bit settled. We have used the time to renovate and service boats and equipment, and to establish “Corona compatible” disinfect and hygiene procedures. The staff is reduced and in stand-by.
Anna and Kurt are stuck in Austria, where there is home isolation since 16.3.2020. We hope to be able to travel back to Murter end of April, beginning of May. Our main duty at the moment is to keep customers updated, to deal with re-bookings and unavoidable cancellations. We have received positive feedback for the proposal of a 12-month-valid Voucher, that we offered all customers with bookings during March and June 2020. We will continue with this approach also for reservations made for July-Oct, if necessary. We can say it feels good that clients are flexible and supportive – in the end, it is in all our interest, to offer a good solution for everybody.
The whole team is very confident that we will have a great late season. At present our team leader Leo coordinates and keeps the spirits up in Murter. For information and questions contact Najada diving via

Anna Nokela