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Our Dive Center in Murter

Our dive center in Murter is located directly by the sea, which certainly offers a lot of comfort. The team speaks several languages.  Najada diving is member of the international organisation QUALITY DIVERS, the dive center is ISO certified and has over 15 years experience with diving in Croatia..

With this short video we want to show you a typical day at Najada diving. For example how the day start with preparations and ends up with a deco beer.

Die Basis / The Dive Center
Empfang / Reception
Klassenzimmer / Class Room
Garderobe / Wardrobe

You find the reception, class room as well as showers and the toilets on the ground floor. In addition we also have a covered and secured area for storing and drying equipment. The dive center has a big terrace and garden where you can enjoy your deco-beer or just relax. As a client you can use our WIFI free of charge. In the first floor there is a guest apartment for maximum four people. Further details see: Accomodation
The dive center is open from the 15th of March until the 30th of November; see also Contact Check-in hours: 9 -12 daily
(Adminstration & Logistics)


ANNA opened the dive center in November 2002 and is still each day engaged in the daily business. You might not see her always in a dive suit, but you find her (at the latest) for apres-dive chat. When the staff needs a break, Anna is diving and driving.
LEO Is the technical genious: not only is he a trimix instructor and rebreather diver, but he is also able to fix and repair almost anything! Besides teaching, guiding and driving our boats, Leo is in charge of our regulator maintenance. Leo has been with Najada more than 10 years and is representing the management in absence of Anna.
BORIS takes care of the logistics. Based on a daily disposition list, it is the duty of Boris to make sure, that correct gear is packed on the correct boat. So, as a licensed Gas Blender Boris is not only filling our daily compressed air tanks, but also Nitrox and Trimix mixes.
OSKU is our 2nd Finnish instructor. He made a Divemaster Internship with us in 2018 and decided to stay a bit longer. Besides native Finnish and Swedish, Osku speaks fluent English and basic German. He is a good captain and gas blender and shares with us his experience from the past (driving boats, constructing pontons and bridges, underwater works).
KURT. What would the briefing be without the dive site map made by Kurt! As a keen photographer and skilled artist, Kurt has designed over the years not only the dive site maps, but also produced booklets, that our divers enjoy studying over a “deco-beer”. In order to make the formalties easier by check-in, Kurt has designed a dive center management program, here all key data from each diver are to be found. The latest development is a more modern homepage.
JERE, a very experienced captain. You can be sure, that you do not have to swim miles to the dive spot. Some of our repeater guests might remember Jere from some years back (with Najada 2007-2012), where his famous answer to the question “Where are we diving?” was “na-ja-da” (which if I translate it into English “well, over there” is not so funny, but the German speakers are laughing.) Jere is a Cmas instructor, trimix diver and PADI DM. Jere is certainly skilled in gas blending.
SIGRID – our long-term freelance instructor. Especially the Boat Show in Düsseldorf would be challenging without Sigrid. Since 2017 Sigrid has opened her own dive center, offering cooperation services in organizing dive trips combined with education.
MEPHISTA: The new dive center dog, this time a girl. Born in December 2020, so still very young and already the declared favorite of all dive guests. Like her predecessor, she loves to play with other dogs..

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Our dive center has approximately 100 different size cylinders.  We have a number of double tanks, stages and 10 litre composite tanks (300 bar) for tec divers.  We can provide diluent and O2 tanks to rebreather divers .
Kids can use 8 litre cylinders.

The dive center is equipped with three compressors; a Coltrisub compressor with 260 l/min filling capacity, a Bauer compressor with 460 l/min and another Bauer with 280 l/min filling capacity.
We also fill O2 and He.

Our dive center uses Mares wet suits as rental equipment. For the school we use Mares regulators and in tec diving Apeks. Our BCDs are from Mares and Scubapro. Of course we have special sizes for children.
Najada is an Ursuit Test Center. Various dry suits are available for testing.


We bought NAJADA IV in August 2009. She is 9 m long, can transport up to 10 divers (incl. crew) and has a 330 hp Volvo diesel engine. The top speed is about 40 ktn (approx. 74 km/h). Above all, if we do not exploit this top speed in day-to-day operations, it represents a considerable safety gain in an emergency case.
NAJADA IV is equipped with a marine toilet.
NAJADA III is 9 m long and has a 260 hp engine. She takes 8 divers (incl. crew) with equipment for 2 dives. Originally the boat was built for the coast guard, as a result NAJADA III proves its stability in extremely bad weather and high waves. Usually we drive with a cruising speed of 20 knots and bring our guests quickly to distant dive sites. In an emergency, where every minute counts, she can reach a speed of 28 knots (approx. 52 km/h).
NAJADA III is equipped with a marine toilet.