Enjoy Croatia and Stay Responsible!

“The Croatian Tourism and Sports Ministry has launched in February the “Safe stay in Croatia” campaign, which includes a label that will inform domestic and foreign visitors that COVID-19 health and safety protocols are in force in Croatia”, Minister Nikolina Brnjac has said.

Apart from tourism facilities, other sector stakeholders such as airlines, petrol stations and cultural and natural attractions, are also be able to display the label.
The label includes a link to a special website, that is launched as part of the campaign and the health and safety protocols will comply with recommendations by the Croatian Public Health Institute.
The ministry will award the label free of charge and keep a record of businesses that have been given the label as well as oversee the implementation of the protocols.
“Apart from the protocols, important preconditions for good tourism results are also a favourable epidemiological situation, a sufficient rate of immunisation and the perception that a destination is safe. Croatia was recognised in that regard last year and we will continue working on that also in 2021, a year in which the tourism sector will again have to show creativity, adaptability, responsibility and cooperation due to the pandemic,” the minister told Hina (Croatian news agency).
The new national label builds on the Safe Travels label introduced last year by the World Travel and Tourism Council in order to more easily identify destinations and companies that follow global standard health and hygiene protocols. (Hina)
Najada diving center and apartment participate in the “safe stay in Croatia” campaign.

For details: https://mint.gov.hr/en


Murter, an island surrounded by hundreds of other islands.

This refers to the Kornati archipelago with, depending on the source, 125 to 150 islands and reefs. Some of them are included in the Kornati National Park, which with its protective measures contributes significantly to the richness of species far beyond its borders.

For a long time the islands have been known as a sailor’s paradise. Only recently it was discovered that the underwater landscape is at least as impressive as the archipelago above the sea. Around Murter you will find cities with historical centers like Zadar and Sibenik and the Krka National Park with its waterfalls.

What awaits you is the full Mediterranean flair: romantic bays, the rustle of pine trees, a nice fish dinner in the harbor, watching a kitschy sunset and perfect dives.

If you think that there are no colors in the Mediterranean, you will be surprised.  Najada diving takes you daily to more than 30 dive sites in and around Kornati National Park, where the walls are covered with red fan corals and colorful sponges . Sometimes dolphins join you on the way to the dive sites.


Dive holidays? Nothing has been decided yet but the signs look promising. Croatia is negotiating with Slovenia, Austria and Germany about an Adriatic corridor, which should enable you to enjoy a wonderful diving holiday. On 18 May we expect the first corresponding decisions.
The following links will give you current information that might help you to plan your holidays.

https://civilna-zastita.gov.hr/ (translate with Google)




At the moment the borders are closed until the 20.4.2020, then we will get new information. Everyday life is minimized, as meanwhile all over the world. Croatia is hopeful and believes in a late season start, as tourism is very important for the country.
Najada is ready to start at any time when things get a bit settled. We have used the time to renovate and service boats and equipment, and to establish “Corona compatible” disinfect and hygiene procedures. The staff is reduced and in stand-by.
Anna and Kurt are stuck in Austria, where there is home isolation since 16.3.2020. We hope to be able to travel back to Murter end of April, beginning of May. Our main duty at the moment is to keep customers updated, to deal with re-bookings and unavoidable cancellations. We have received positive feedback for the proposal of a 12-month-valid Voucher, that we offered all customers with bookings during March and June 2020. We will continue with this approach also for reservations made for July-Oct, if necessary. We can say it feels good that clients are flexible and supportive – in the end, it is in all our interest, to offer a good solution for everybody.
The whole team is very confident that we will have a great late season. At present our team leader Leo coordinates and keeps the spirits up in Murter. For information and questions contact Najada diving via anna.nokela@najada.com

Anna Nokela

Season Opening

The Winter was this year mild, which has the advantage, that the sea is a bit warmer this Spring. We are in full preparation of servicing the equipment and polishing the boats for you. We also renovated a bit in the dive center, renewing the wet area floor.

There are several early bird teasers, here is a summary of what has been posted on the social media:

Season Start 15.3.2020 – 2 dives in NP Kornati 9-15 o’clock morning coffee on the house
Open Water Diver – beginner course starting 2.10 and/or 10.4.2020 at 9 o’clock in dry suit
Feel Good – Complimentary 1 day diving in URSUIT dry suit for a 6-dive-package between 28.3.-25.4.2020

It is a pleasure to welcome our first divers!